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    I need to issue a "Set Printer = X" command where X is that printer selected via the Print Dialog box. Currently, output goes to the system default printer regardless of user selection.

    What property value should be evaluated to determine which printer has been selected through the Print Dialog box?

    Based on VB Help info, CommonDialog1.hDC appears to be that property. But how do I use that information

    What do the common dialog flag values of cdlPDReturnDC or cdlPDReturnIC do for me?

    Once I have some means of identifying the desired printer, I can match it with the appropriate member of the Printers collection and make the setting.

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    Setting printer

    Here is a class module that does exactly what you are seeking to do. It is an excellent piece of code. I struggled with the device context and commondialog handle with no success either...

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