Hi everyone.

I have ADODC and the data is displayed in a Datagrid. Database is SQL Server 6.5.

After I ran the query, I set the
recordset.activeconnection = nothing

What I want to do is being able to edit the data in the grid, press commit, and updates the database.

I have all the rights readwrite and lock optimistic.

Under commit button, I have this code:
Data1.Recordset.Resync adAffectCurrent

I also tried it without the adAffectCurrent, and it gives the same result, which is an error.

The error is:

Run-time error '-2147467259(80004005)':
Insufficient base table information for updating or refreshing.

And when I press Debug it points to the Resync line.

Any clues?? Thanks a lot!!

PS: Should I even be using Resync at all? What about UpdateBatch?