Hi, I'm having a problem with DBCombo. I guess I should tell you that I'm using Access as my database.

For my Data"DataBase" I have as follows:
my Data Connect=(Access)
my Data DataBaseName=(FR.mdb)
my Data DefaultType=(2-UseJet)
my Data RecordSetType=(1-Dynaset)
my Data RecordSource=(FR_TBL)
my Data ReadOnly=(False).

For my DBCombo I have as follows:
my DBCombo Style=(2-DropDownList)
my DDCombo MatchEntry=(0-dblBasicMatching)
my DBCombo DataField=(BRANCH)
my DBCombo DataSource=(Data1)
my DBCombo BoundColumn=(BRANCH)
my DBCombo ListField=(BRANCH)
my DBCombo RowSource=(Data1)

The Problem:
I have set BRANCH in Access DataBase to be the Key field.
Example....BRANCH IP Address

When I run the program it will default to BRANCH "0033" and the IP Address for Branch "0033" will show up as well in its own text box, and that is fine. However if I click on the DBCombo box and select BRANCH "0046" or "0078" then nothing changes in the IP Address box it remains the same IP Address for the Default Branch of "0033". How can I make it change records in all fields by just selecting the BRANCH in the DBCombo Box. If I use the DATA controls and click the direction arrows it cycles through all the records and all fields change as I cycle through. I would like to have the same thing happen just by selecting the BRANCH from the DBCombo Box.

Thank You in advance, foxfire2020@hotmail.com