Need help in settling an arguement from you. Caren't remember the name, but it's a religous order of christian monks who gave Mohammed..(sorry about spelling)...shelter. Somewhere in the middle east.....l think the country is Iran, but Phantomd reckons its Iraq...of course we could both be wrong and its Egypt
i have to get back to you on that
i have a file that explains how islam started (Life Of Muhammad pbuh)
either i can send you the link to the file
or i can find out what country it was

but i remember the name of christian king was Biazentees
or something spelled like that..

about the women issue
i agree with you 100% that no "so called" muslim country
gives the women the right they deserve
and that has nothing to do with religion, thats where they use culture to blame religion

a muslim MUST believe in EVERY word in the Qur'an
if they dont then they are not believers
either you believe it as a whole or you dont believe it at all
so there is a verse that i posted that said "surely you(men) have right over them (women), and they(women) have similiar rights over you (men)"
so none of thos so called islamic countries are following islam properly
i will take my OWN culture as an example
women dont have any rights what so ever, because they use culture first
is this wrong?
of course
and islam is AGAINTS this

so in short
remember what i said

judge a religion by its scripture, not its people

oh and one more thing.. if everyone agreed with everyone else in this universe, this would be ONE boring place

just found the file..

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