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Thread: Some few Q's

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    I have a few questions about drives...:
    1. How can i find the exact amout of space on the drive?
    2. How can i change the label of the drive?
    3. How can i format a drive?

    another question i have asked few times , but i have not realy been given the exact
    How can i delete a folder that i have selected in a DirListBox???
    It has to be the folder i have SELECTED.
    Can i use FSO???
    I believe someone have shown me this, but i have lost the code.

    Yours Sincierly
    CyberCarsten -- go check it out!! : o ) --

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    I know that a few of those were already answered here. Search for them.

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    Here are some links...

    Hope those help... Also, please atleast put some effort into searching for the infromation that you are interested in before asking your question... Like I've said, this is only my 3rd week, but I put in the effort of searching so that I haven't had to ask a question yet... Here are some of the places that I search for information so that I don't have to ask questions...

    So please use these resources before posting.

    Mitchell Hayenga

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