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Thread: DHTML Servers?

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    Ok, I looked a bit around the net but did not find what I needed. Does anyone know of a Web Host that runs a NT server that supports DHTML apps?

    I've already completed my app. If none are available, can someone tell me if my code would be safe using ASP? With DHTML my code is safe. Is it viewable with ASP?


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    My NT web host is and I'm very happy with their support. ASP code is safe so long as the server it's running on is safe. Just to clarify, DHTML is Dynamic HTML, meaning all or most of the elements of an HTML page can be dynamically modified via client side scripting, usually javascript but could be vbscript if you're using IE. A VB application compiled as a dll is a server-side component that could, if it was made to do it, generate DHTML code to run on the client side. So technically DHTML code is not safe anywhere you run it, because it's running on the client. Your server side component code and/or ASP script is safe because the server runs it, builds your page and sends only the client side code back to the browser that requested it. One leak that was discovered in IIS was appending ::$DATA to the end of an asp page would actually return the source code of the ASP page. There's a patch for that 'leak' but make sure the NT web host has actually applied the patch.

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