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Thread: How to Run, Compile, Make EXE on QBASIC

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    I know the title is about QBASIC but i am programming a QB Compiler for DESKTOP instead of DOS. This program can open and save. But the only thing is I dunno how to make this codes save the thing and run the codes from QBASIC 4.5 I tried using this codes:
    Private Sub mnuRun_Click()
    Shell("QBASIC.EXE /r ??????????",vbNormal)
    End Sub
    But the problem is, I dunno how to make the directory that would run the code that you are working on....... HELP!!!!!

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    I'm not sure if you know this, but a .bas file is straight-up ASCII. Try opening it in Notepad. Pure and simple. I'm not sure how to do it, but I think that makes saving a file a lot easier. with the play thing, I think it's Qbasic.exe /play c:\whatever.bas. To compile, I'm not quite sure. I have 7.1, not 4.5. However, I'm interested in seeing your finished product.

    good luck,

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