I am trying to select part of a Word document and save it as an OLE object in Access. I had this going a while back but can't seem to get it now. I used ADO to create a recordset to the database. The field "OLE" in Access is of type "OLE Object". I am not sure of what kind of object I should use within VBA to be passed as "tstOLE" shown below.

    With rsTests
        .Find Criteria:="Command = '" & tstCommand & "'"
        If Not .EOF Then
        End If
            !Command = tstCommand
            !ABRB = tstABRB
            !Usage = tstUsage
            !Definition = tstDefinition
            !Input = tstInput
            !Output = tstOutput
            !Errors = tstErrors
            !TIMEOUT = tstTimeout
            !OLE = tstOLE
    End With
I've tried declaring "tstOLE" as a Document, Object, Range, and Selection with no luck. Depending on what I declare it as, I define a range within the document, and then tried one of the following:
1) setting tstOLE to Range
2) executing range.select and setting tstOLE to "Selection"
3) executing range.select and storing selection.document

An example is:
  Dim tempRange as range
  Dim tstOLE as object
  Set tempRange = ActiveDocument.Range(intStart, intEnd)
  Set tstOLE = Selection
I usually end up getting the "Multiple-step OLE DB .. " error when it tries to save the object to "OLE". When I had this going the first time, the object showed up in the DB as "Word Document". I could then load the object using an OLE control in my VB program.

I did try using DAO by creating a dbDynaSet recordset. The above code worked when defining tstOLE as a Object and storing "Selection" to it. The problem is that this showed up in the DB as "Long binary file" and when I tried loading the object into my VB program using an OLE control, it gave "Error loading from file" error. I couldn't even right-click it in access to edit/open as Word document.

Any help is greatly appreciated.