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Thread: Date time Stamp

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    I'm developing an application in Access 2000. I need two fields one with date and one with time. These fields our to supposed date time stamp the transaction. What would be the easiest way to do this in access 2000.

    Please hellp me



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    well i don't know if this is the best/efficient way to do it, I'm still learning VB...

    if you're using DAO to access your database, this is what I do to add the date and time, assuming rs is your recordset and date and time is your fields in the table

    with rs
       ![Date] = Date
       ![Time] = Time
       .Bookmark = .LastModified
    end with
    the date and time functions return the current system's date and time respectively

    then you can use the format function to get the desired format

    hope this helps

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