Using the configuration I have created three roles i.e. (standard, supervisor, administrator)

1)How can I get these roles using code (vb.net or c#)?

2) How is it possible to see a list of all the users who have already creatred a login in the system using the Login control (p.s. using the asp.net configuration I can see the users but not sure how to display them on the web page and get a count of these standard users)

3)How is it possible to assign each standard user to an ID of a record in a database table? For example: user1 who is a standard user needs to be able to see areacode1,2,3

Something like the follwing where peter is a standard user and Ali is a supervisor. Notice that in this table I can not use the ID of the users because these users are created using the login control and there is no ID fo them, hence the name of the user.

ID username areaCodeID
1 "peter" 12
2 "Ali" 14
3 "Ali" 12
4 "Ali" 16