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Thread: database-coordinates

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    hello everyone....

    i want to draw square (XrsTx helped me how to do it) in the picturebox and then save its coordinates in a database.

    i want to click on a button and then select where in the picturebox to draw it
    for a square i need 4 coordinates x,y for each edge and then save them in a database.

    Can you please help?

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    Re: database-coordinates

    What have you got so far that isn't working?

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    Unhappy Re: database-coordinates

    i ve tried to create the square with the frm.Line(x1,y1)-(x2,y2).............
    command but it doesnt work.

    at first i want to press a button and create a square in the picturebox.
    (any square)

    then i ll try to draw the sqware where i want with the mouse.

    i havent tried connecting it to the database cause i had no coordinates.
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