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Thread: SQL Queries

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    SQL Queries

    here is my problem, i need to find tutorials onn advanced SQL queries. here is were i get a problem, I wrire this querie in .Net to access info from a Access DB. i try set a condition but i get an error. here is an example of what im trying to do.


    please advise

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    Re: SQL Queries

    Insert statements do not use conditions. If you want to update information in the database then you should be using Update Statements.

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    Re: SQL Queries

    There's another SQL tutorial link in my signature. I'm not trying to be rude here but that type of SQL is not advanced. I don't even really consider myself at the intermediate level when it comes to SQL. I have the latest edition of "SQL in a Nutshell" and it's almost 700 pages. And that's supposed to be a nutshell? I'd hate to see the extended version. Select, Insert, Update and Delete are as simple as it gets. To extend on what Shuja Ali said, a WHERE clause specifies conditions on existing data. Select, Update and Delete all act on existing data and can therefore have a WHERE clause, but Insert cannot because it is adding new data.

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