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Thread: array limits

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    array limits

    Vb 6 have any string array limits or i can store in an array as much variables as i want? i have created the following for loop

    VB Code:
    1. For nxt = 0 To click Step 1
    3.  ret = PrologNextSolution(qid)
    4.  ret = PrologGetString(qid, "Final", schedule)
    6.  If PrologNextSolution(qid) = 0 Then
    7.  MsgBox "No more solutions", 48, ""
    8.  click = 0
    9.  End If
    10.  Next nxt

    and then i store the results in an array. The for loop runs when the variable PrologNextSolution is 1. When nxt becomes 32767 then appears "Run time error 6 overflow".
    Thank you!

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    Re: array limits

    32767 is the max cap for an integer variable

    You would have to make it long for it to hold any larger of a number.

    That is, if an array can hold more than that...I've never had one hold so much data

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