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Thread: Auto Detect Wireless LAN And Auto Update...

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    Question Auto Detect Wireless LAN And Auto Update...

    Hi All,

    I used to program Apps in VB6 (last 5 yrs all ASP / .NET) but I need to now write an app that will do the following:

    1. Laptop comes into range of wireless router, recongises that its in range, and starts automatically updating a SQL Server database (the code for the updating is not important (e.g I already know how to do this)). It would be nice if I could also get it to trigger other events (e.g getting web content, new files in x folder (the actual code for getting web content, etc.. is not important, its the triggering which is causing problems)).

    What I don't know what to do is get the laptop to regonise that it is with range of the router and then trigger the update.

    Before I waste countless hours looking up poor web info, I thought I'd ask everyone else.


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    Re: Auto Detect Wireless LAN And Auto Update...

    You can use API to determine if they have an internet connection (or is even connected to a LAN). That would probably be your best bet as I don't think that wireless card makers provide API to their cards (I could be wrong though).
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