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Thread: Something I don't understand...

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    Something I don't understand...

    Java has 100's of free HIGH quality Obfuscation tools to download all over the internet, .Net has none worth mentioning. This really hinders people who don't have hundreds or thousands of dollars to spend on a Obfuscation tool, and the 1 or 2 free ones you can find are so dumbed down and crippled, their not even worth using. I have a class object that has my Serial Key algorithm in it, even when I obfuscate it with a demo tool, It only took me a minute to decompile and locate the algorithm. Are there any solutions to be had here? I'm thinking maybe I need to have someone write my bit of Serial Key code in a C++ DLL and plug it in? I really shouldn't have to go that route. Anyone have any ideas?


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    Re: Something I don't understand...

    I know c++
    The human brain cannot hold all of the knowledge that exists in this world, but it can hold pointers to that knowledge.

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    Re: Something I don't understand...

    Java has a big head start on .NET, so you'll probably see more of that type of tool appear for .NET over time. Having said that, Java was designed with more openness than .NET so it probably encourages the development of free tools a bit more, so there may never be as many for .NET.

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