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Thread: Loop?

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    How do you Loop a start and a stop buttone?

    Private Sub Command1_Click()
    Loop <---------------------------------------------
    a = FileDateTime("C:\Windows")
    If a = Text1 Then
    Label1 = "No Change"
    Label1 = "File Change"
    End If
    Loop if command2 <> True? <------------------------ or not pressed
    End Sub

    This code needs to run till the stop buttone is pressed

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    Re: Loop?

    You should learn vb before posting.

    Use the "for" construct such as:

    For i=0 to whatever


    Edit, never mind you need a Do While:
    Do While something = True


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    Re: Loop?

    Triple access:

    Not sure what Solinent meant by "You should learn vb before posting."

    I always thought the purpose of VB Forum was to help people learn.

    I have learned a lot since coming here and I have helped a lot of other to learn also. I think that is the true spirit of VB Forum, so keep posting your questions.

    Good Luck

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