Hello,I have searched the forum but couldn't find a solutuon to my specific problem.Actually I have created a mailmerge using microsoft word and as data source, i use a table from microsoft access.Every time i try to open the word document,I am given a msgbox telling me that opening this document will run the following sql...When i click yes, the mailmerge works fine.but by default, the No button is selected.My problem Starts when I use a form in VB, with a command button which has the following code attached:

Sub OpenWorddoc(strDocName As String)
Dim objApp As Object
Set objApp = CreateObject("Word.Application")
objApp.Visible = True
objApp.Documents.Open strDocName
End Sub

Private Sub cmdanual_Click()
Call OpenWorddoc(Me.txtpath1.Text)
End Sub

When clicking the button,The worddocument opens.But the mailmerge toolbar is disabled.It's as if the msgbox i used to get has been bypassed and the default no button selected.Please help.