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Thread: vs. VB 6.0

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    61 vs. VB 6.0

    Does Visual work the same as Visual Basic 6.0? What are the differences? I have Visual Basic 6.0, but I am taking a class where I need Visual Thanx

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    Re: vs. VB 6.0

    The quick and simple answer is No they are not the same and there are many many differences. If your class requires that you use then I suggest you download the free express version :

    Good Luck
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    Re: vs. VB 6.0

    I am in the process of converting my VB6 systems to VB.NET(2005). They are DEFINITELY not the same. However, they are not like converting German to French. It is more like converting German to Swiss. A lot is similar, a lot is very different.

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