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    Resolved Getting data froma database to create information in a form -Sorted


    I have a question regarding a program I need to do for a VB course I am on.

    What I have is a command button in VB that I need click on to count the figures held within the noinstock field where records are in the same category (I have four categories). I then will take this information and create a pie chart.

    I am not sure how I can code the linking of the database and summing of the noinstock field by category to get the information I need.

    I have been told the totals should be held in an array

    I know how to link in my database into my text boxes by using the recordset properties and I can create a pie chart.

    Within my database I have the following fields
    ISBN -no - primary key

    Can anyone assist me with this please?

    any help appreicated. I have not covered this in my course , but I need to identify how to do this as I produce this.


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