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Thread: ? re global variable

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    Resolved ? re global variable


    I need to declare an array called Data as a global variable within a module.

    I have added the module and written the vb code as
    Visual basic code
    Option Explicit

    Public Data(0 to 3) as Global


    When I select global I get a comile erroe advising Expected new or type name.

    I am doing this for a course I am doing, I need the array to use it within a pie chart creation using a circle and I do not have help functionality on my VB software.

    Can anyone tell me, what the global refers to and if what I am using is correct, or whether I should be using something different.


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    Re: ? re global variable

    Declare it as:
    VB Code:
    1. 'To declare a string array
    2. Public Data(0 to 5) as String
    3. 'To declare a integer array
    4. Public Data(0 to 5) as Integer
    6. 'Something like that ...

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