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Thread: [RESOLVED] play games in windowed mode

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    Resolved [RESOLVED] play games in windowed mode

    is it possible to play pc games in windowed mode unlike the fullscreen mode .i have seen pc games being played in windowed mode in linux (with wine).
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    Re: play games in windowed mode

    It's possible, and there are specific applications made to do just that, although how, i have no idea... Try googling "game name windowed mode" worth a try.

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    Re: play games in windowed mode

    There are different ways to do this but I believe it's not possible with all games. What you are referring to is different though. Wine (in Linux) is actually a Windows environment so all programs run in that same window no matter what they are. You can make DOS games run in window mode by right-clicking the shortcut to the startup and click properties. On the advanced tab I believe there is a "run in window mode" selection you can select that will cause it to run in Window mode. Other games you can configure in within the individual game configurations or within the game options. Hope this helps.

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    Re: play games in windowed mode

    Some of the older games you can just use Alt+Enter, but not sure about the newest. First thing to do is to check the forums on the developers site for info
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