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Thread: Automate GOOGLE *results* into Excel. Possible?

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    Automate GOOGLE *results* into Excel. Possible?


    I have a wierd question. And I don't know if this is even possible or not, but I'll ask anyway.

    I have an Excel Worksheet that has a customer field, (column C), & a address field (Column E) & a zip code field column H, In column M I designated a
    (website) field.

    My question is: I want to use the customer field, plus address field plus zip code all three fields together as one search query in Google, and have return back the URL of the first site that google returns (like hitting the I'm feeling lucky button) and insert that back into the column M.

    Is this possible?

    ex: col c = Boeing, column E = 100 N Riverside plz
    column H = 60606, then either using a formula, or a macro ,
    somehow let the computer process these fields and return
    as the URL into column M.

    basically if you go to google, paste in:
    Boeing 100 N Riverside plz 60606 AND then hit the I'm feeling lucky button you get

    IS there a way to automate this?? (becuase I have 31000+ rows and would like the computer to do it instead? thanks


    BTW I already have this formula working in

    excel:=HYPERLINK("" & C7 & "+ " & E7 & "+" & H7 & "&btnG=Google+Search", C7)

    =HYPERLINK("" & C7 & "+" & H7 & "&btnG=Google+Search")

    what this does is return the google search URL back into the excel, so when I click on it it shows the google search results page for that customer, but what if I want it to show the ACTUAL FIRST WEBSITE that google points to instead of the goolge results page? How is this accomplished?

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    Re: Automate GOOGLE *results* into Excel. Possible?

    Was this ever answered anywhere? I'm trying to do the exact same thing with the I'm Feeling Lucky results. Thanks!

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    Re: Automate GOOGLE *results* into Excel. Possible?

    this is quite possible to do using a webrowser control or automating internet explorer
    i do my best to test code works before i post it, but sometimes am unable to do so for some reason, and usually say so if this is the case.
    Note code snippets posted are just that and do not include error handling that is required in real world applications, but avoid On Error Resume Next

    dim all variables as required as often i have done so elsewhere in my code but only posted the relevant part

    come back and mark your original post as resolved if your problem is fixed

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    Re: Automate GOOGLE *results* into Excel. Possible?

    I was able to find a solution elsewhere and it actually turns out to be quite simple, all from within Excel. Just use a formula similar to the one below, where cell A1 contains the contents of whatever you want Google to search and return it's I'm Feeling Lucky result for.


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