Hi all

I am embarking on my first major VB project at work - I've done a few small system databases in Access - and I have a question I'd like answered, that will aid me in choosing which direction I should follow.

I am developing an interface which will allow us to upload data from SAP/R3 to our Records Management software - TRIM.

The only problem is that the only way our SAP people can provide the data to be uploaded is in a total snapshot of their data each week. This file is in the form of a pipe (|) delimited text file which is currently (the SAP people tell me) 8 - 9 Mb in size and will only continue to grow.

I have read previous posts on this site Re using ADO to access delimited text files as databases and this is the road I was going to follow.

My question is this: will VB (it's the only tool I have access to at present, and the only one I'm likely to as well) using ADO be able to handle reading in two Text Recordsets of 8 Meg or so and do full on SQL compares?

Is this type of thing only dependent on my machine's RAM?

I MUST do a full compare each time because I have check for any modifications in each record from the last data dump to the new data dump and only add new records or modified existing records.

Any help would be muchly appreciated.