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Thread: [RESOLVED] [02/03] ReadLine doesn't seem to find all text when adding to listbox

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    Resolved [RESOLVED] [02/03] ReadLine doesn't seem to find all text when adding to listbox

    Hey, does anyone know why, when I read from a batch file that contains numerous lines and then add the lines to a list box, some of the lines get cut off or added incorrectly?
    This typically happens after about the 10th or 11th line is added to the listbox. Here is the code:

    [FONT=Trebuchet MS]Do While srReader.Peek() >= 0
    strSecondaryPrinter = srReader.ReadLine.Replace(ControlChars.Quote, "")
    If strSecondaryPrinter.StartsWith("NET USE LPT") Then
    lstAddPrinters.ForeColor = ForeColor.Red()
    strSecondaryPrinter = strSecondaryPrinter.Remove(14, 21)
    strSecondaryPrinter = strSecondaryPrinter.Remove(0, 35)
    End If
    lstAddPrinters.Items.Add(strSecondaryPrinter) '.ToString())
    srReader.BaseStream.Seek(1, SeekOrigin.Current)

    It still reads through the entire file, but the 'bad' line is either too short or runs into the next line.
    If there are less than 10 lines, there is never a problem - any help would be appreciated..
    Is this some sort of buffer issue?

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    Re: [02/03] ReadLine doesn't seem to find all text when adding to listbox

    Have you stepped through your code to see exactly what is being assigned at each point? Place a breakpoint at the top of the code and step through it using F10. You can use the Locals window to follow the value of strSecondaryPrinter at each step. You first need to confirm that incorrect data is being returned by ReadLine. I'm guessing that it's your code that is corrupting the data, so you need to use the debugger to diagnose the problem.

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