I'm pricing out an alternative strategy to an overall solution that has been proposed by a potential partner, so please understand that this will not constitute a firm offer but merely an invitation to bargain.

I'm interested in bids for software that will do the following:

(1) Monitor incoming e-mails stored on a server for retrieval by server users to determine whether each e-mail has been opened by the recipient;

(2) Where the software detects that the e-mail has not been opened/retreived by the recipient within a specified time (e.g., 3 days, 5 days, this should be a flexible setting), the software retrieves the message and

(a) Opens it;
(b) Reads it;
(c) Generates an audio file comprised of a synthetic voice reading of the text (it would be adventageous if their was a high degree of flexibility for the users to control preferences with respect to the nature of the synthetic voice settings used to generate the audio file);
(d) Which it then uses to either (a) insert a voice-mail message of the reading of such text into a linked voice mail server or (b) plays in a call into a remote voice mail server.

The bid should (a) include any licensing fees payable to third parties for usage of software elements proprietary to such parties and (b) assume that the software shall be solely proprietary to the client and created as a work made for hire.

Thanks for your attention I appreicate your bids.