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Thread: Need help with ActiveSkin 4.3

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    Need help with ActiveSkin 4.3

    Hi all.
    Im working on an application in VB6 on which I intend to use ActiveSkin to give it a professional look.
    While ActiveSkin seems to be easy to work with to do some simple things like skinning buttons and some other controls, there are some things that keep far beyond my understanding, and for which I wasnt still able to find any documentation.
    For example, I wasnt still able to figure out how to apply a skin to a FreeForm.
    And by the way, what is a FreeForm?
    Also, animations are far from my understanding.
    What kind of animations can be done here?
    Is this intended just to move things on the screen, or can it be used to run things like animated GIFs?
    These and other questions are keeping me from using the capabilities of this great tool to its full extent, and I came to this forum in the hope of learning something with those of you that had already followed my steps and succeed.
    So, any good help will be extremly apretiated.

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    Re: Need help with ActiveSkin 4.3

    ActiveSkin 4.3 has a few limits but these can easily be overcome. I build custom skins with it myself and have mastered to date just about every function in the program. If you are asking if you can use Flash, Gif, and other animations while using this active X control? The answer is yes. You just have to think outside the box a bit but anything that your visual basics program can do without this control it can do with it also.

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