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Thread: Looking for advanced VB SQL Server book

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    I am an experienced SQL Server programmer using FoxPro. I have some VB books for beginners. Now I'm looking for a good book that deals with SQL Server and VB. The ones I've looked at are quite weak. They use the data control for their examples and don't cover most of the important issues that pertain to creating robust real-life applications.

    I can figure this out on my own from the documentation if I have to. But a book that will speed up the learning curve is what I'm looking for.

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    Take a look at HitchHikers Guide to VB and SQL Server - it is good, but big. By William Vaughan.

    I've got it and use it a lot.


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    go into and do a search on Thearon Willis...

    Has a wonderful book on SQLServer and VB

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