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Thread: Please help - how to get started??

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    I really need some help on starting a new project. this project will keep track of comp. time earned and taken by employees.

    I have a database on a SQL-SERVER that has two tables called
    Comp-time with fields like Name,Date, taken, Earned, reason,By and another table Summary with fields Name, earned, used.

    I need to design a VB project that will allow me to insert and update data on the comp_time table and the totals of earned, used will be reflected on the summary table.

    I will then have to design something in VB that will give me the name, date, earned/taken, hours.

    Any help will be appreciated.

    Thank you.

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    U need help with the Vb
    or the database
    or ??
    What do u have already
    What do u want to get?


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    Obviously I need help in both. I would appreciate it if some
    could help me get started with how to retrieve data from a database, and write data to the database using vb.

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    This is a start.

    I would suggest adding a ado control and datagrid to your form. Set up the ado to select your fields from your database and display them in your form.

    Add a form to your project.
    Add the control for ado and datagrid through the project references.
    Edit your ado properties by right clicking on the ado control (connection string, recordsource etc).
    Set the datasource of your grid to the ado.

    There is a lot of good help on both controls in msdn.

    Good luck

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