hi again
i am making a form which have three textboxes empID empName and Department. I have five buttons ExecuteQuerry, New, Edit, Delete and Close when I click on ExecuteQuerry It should display the result in the FlexGrid.
It displays. Now what i want to do is that if I click on the button New a new form should open I will enter the data in the form when i close the form it will save the data in the form and update the FlexGrid. I know how to open a new form and enter and save the data what i can't do is how to update the FlexGrid. This is still small thing. The other thing is really difficult for me. if I select a row of the FlexGrid and click on EDIT button a new form should open with all the selected data from the FlexGrid shown in the Form. I have no clue how to do that. And the last bit if i have selected the data and click on DELETE button it should delete the data and update the FLEXGRID. Anyone out there can tell me how to do that
thanks anup