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Thread: [02/03] removing cookie in CookieCollection

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    [02/03] removing cookie in CookieCollection

    Using VS 2002;
    With HttpWebRequest and HttpWebResponse I am able to get our site cookie info but I need to change one of the values.

    Example say I have the following in the CookieCollection:

    I want to remove GBBLogon and then change the JSESSIONID. I only see .Add and a .Copy. Can you not delete and then add?

    Anyone have any code to manually create a cookiecollection?

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    Re: [02/03] removing cookie in CookieCollection

    Just wanted to post my code that I can read the cookie.

    Was thinking that cookies could only be written by the source computer. So if I am able to figure out how to modify the cookie will the page I am posting to not accept the cookie if not the original source?

    VB Code:
    1. Private Function ParseCookie(ByVal ccCookieCol As CookieCollection, ByVal sURL As String) As String
    2.         Dim sTemp1 As String
    3.         Dim iLoop As Integer
    4.         Dim iCookieCount As Integer
    6.         iCookieCount = ccCookieCol.Count
    7.         If iCookieCount > 0 Then
    8.             For iLoop = 0 To iCookieCount - 1
    9.                 If iLoop = 0 Then
    10.                     sTemp1 &= ccCookieCol(iLoop).ToString
    11.                 Else
    12.                     sTemp1 &= ";" & ccCookieCol(iLoop).ToString
    13.                 End If
    14.             Next
    15.             txtCookie.Text = sTemp1
    16.         End If
    17.     End Function

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