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Thread: copying more than 1 file

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    copying more than 1 file

    hi i want to know that how to copy more than 1 file using filecopy statement.

    I tried this:
    filecopy("c:\my documents\*.asp","c:\my documents\*.asp"

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    Re: copying more than 1 file

    You'll have to use a loop, or another loop to find and store all the filenames of the folder you want to copy into an array. Then just use another loop to copy them.

    I'd write you the code but I can't test it since I'm on a school computer and we only have a really older version of VB built into word.


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    Re: copying more than 1 file

    Use SHFileOPeration API to copy more than one file.
    Use [code] source code here[/code] tags when you post source code.

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