First some background:
Our inter-state network connection is not fast (only 2 mbps), therefore our net admin deploy drive replication (probably not the right term). So basically there is one server in each state, and they all have the same content (replicated). He then mapped the server as I:. So if anyone types I: on their explorer, he/she will go to the local server in his/her state.

Now I have this web page that allows user to browse, read, upload, and delete files on this I: drive. The web app is hosted on 1 server. I have no problem displaying the file, because it's just a normal link pointing to I:, which would be based on each users' PC. But for deleting and uploading file, it's referring to the mapped I: drive of the web server, which is pointing to the server on the same state as the web server. This is fine for user in the same state, but for other state, uploading files (they usually are large in size) are extremely slow.

Is it possible to make the delete and upload happens on the I: drive of the users' PC (not the server's I: drive)? I don't want to have a server in each state hosting the web app. Increasing the inter-state network speed is not an option as well.

Thanks in advance