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Thread: SQL Server stored procedures

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    Dear All,
    I would like to execute a DDL statement(create table) in an SQL server stored procedure. I am formulating the DDL statement in the stored procedure and is saved in a variable of type varchar. How do I execute that DDL statement.
    Thanks in advance

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    Just a quick example
    create proc sp_AdhWmCreateRXCRTables with recompile as

    declare @command varchar(60)
    declare @usename varchar(60)

    set nocount on

    select @usename = "tblmsdnexpert"
    if OBJECT_ID(@usename) is not null
    select @command = 'DROP TABLE ' + @usename
    exec (@command)

    select @command = 'CREATE TABLE(......etc"

    exec (@command) should do it...

    I hope I understood your question correctly..

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