hi..anyone can help me
i've a problem about parameter field (CR 8.5).I want to combine 2 parameter fields so that i can use it at one time.

There are two parameter fields:

1)Subject (Quotation and Enquiry)
2)Choice (In and Out)

Below is the code in Selection Formula.The below code is ok but i've to choose one by one.First i must click the Subject and select the Item of the subject.After that i've to click Choice and select the item of the Choice .

{QuoteQuery.Subject} = {?Subject} and
{QuoteQuery.Choice} = {?Choice}

so what i want to get..No need to choose the parameter field one by one. Just display both of the parameter field so i just can select the item of the both of parameter field at the same time like below:


So that i can view report of eg:Enquiry In and etc

Hope anyone can help me..