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Thread: A Few Word VBA Questions Help!

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    I have a few questions with word VBA.

    1. How do i insert a random field in a word template/document. This field needs to be blank so i can then refer to in in VBA code.

    2. How do i refer to this field in VBA code?

    3. How do i pull a whole sheet or a block of cells from excel into word using vba.

    My aim is to make a template that contains a number of fields. I then want to select a number of cells in excel and place this data into the fields in the word template.

    Any help on any of these q's would be appreciated :-)


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    Hi icemanmt78 !!!

    1) If you mean a Word Form field (note: this only belongs
    to word not to forms collection in vba) use the add methode
    of formfields - see also my example

    2) see example

    Sub test()
    'initial variable
    Dim wfldTest As FormField
    'add the formfield and set also an reference to it
    Set wfldTest = FormFields.Add(Selection.Range, wdFieldFormTextInput)
    'insert a text to the field
    wfldTest.Result = "myTest"
    set wfldTest = Nothing
    End Sub

    3) I'm not sure what you want - your aim and this question.
    Why to do need formfields if you want to insert the whole
    excel sheet in Word ?

    But to you question - set an excel referece to the Word VBA procject and you can manipulate excel within word.

    Hope this help

    -cu TheOnly

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