The unfortunate recent patch for IE (from April security updates) blocks any ActivateX controls from running, the user has to click on the control to activate it.

Now this is unfortune for people like myself ...

My application is made in .NET 2.0 C#.

The application allows a user to give a URL to an audio stream, for example. Now since the audio stream on the webpage may either be streamed on the page (as a flash object), the control is unactive.

What I want to know is that if there is a way to activate all controls on the webpage and continue as normal?

the URL is launched in IE as a process.

My application records audio programmatically on a certain time. Now if I cannot activate the control on the website, as it is waiting for the user to click on it, it would mean that my application is recording but only silence since that control on the webpage will be playing audio, but not activated.

I just want to be able to activate all controls, if inactivate, programmatically on a webpage from launching an IE process.

is this possible? how?