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Thread: Problems with textboxes

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    Problems with textboxes

    I am trying to fill several different textboxes on one form from information off of another form using the code below. When I step through the code and put watches on the variables, the information is being correctly assigned to the textboxes;however, the data is not showing up in the text boxes.
    Any suggestions?

    Public Sub UpdatePUFields(keyString As String)
    Set pickupCust = New Cust

    pickupCust.LoadCust (keyString)

    With pickupCust
    PickUPName = Trim(.Customer)

    End With
    txtPUName.Text = Trim(PickUPName)

    End Sub

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    Re: Problems with textboxes

    Welcome to the forums.

    When passing information from one form to another form, the form name has to be explicitly stated.
    VB Code:
    1. 'on Form1
    2. Public Sub UpdatePUFields(keyString As String)
    3. Set pickupCust = New Cust
    5. pickupCust.LoadCust (keyString)
    7. With pickupCust
    8. PickUPName = Trim(.Customer)
    10. End With
    11. Form2.txtPUName.Text = Trim(PickUPName)
    13. End Sub
    Is this what you mean?

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    Re: Problems with textboxes

    the data I am accessing is actually in a class module, which pickupCust is referring to. The textbox txtPUName is on the form that I am trying to display the text.

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