I want to write a program for a Nokia 6260 (with bluetooth) running the Symbian OS, which allows me to connect to a remote computer (via Bluetooth) running Windows XP.
The idea is that the user can use his cell phone to go to the next and previous slide of a Ms Powerpoint presentation running on the remote computer.

The remote computer has an USB Bluetooth dongle with the proprietary driver installed.

Since it's Symbian OS on the Nokia 6260 it might be best to write a Java application to do this, but my Java knowledge is too limited for this. I would really want to do this in Ms Visual Basic 6 OR .Net. Either choice would be OK.

Searching the net for how to do this, has raised a lot of questions for me..

If I want to do this in VB, would I need "Appforge Crossfire" to port my VB application to the cell phone running Symbian OS? That would solve the porting issue, since "Appforge Crossfire" would allow me to make applications in VB for Nokia Series 60. But maybe it's easier to do it in Java, because this wouldn't give me any porting issues.

But I have so many questions, such as what is the bluetooth stack?
Do you have to install this seperately? If so where can I get it?
Or does this come with the bluetooth driver?

Are the bluetooth APIs included in Ms Windows XP SP2? Is it included in the .Net framework? Or Are they installed along with the driver for the USB Bluetooth dongle? How can I access these APIs, do I have to add a reference to a certain dll in Visual Studio.Net?

And if I write this program on the desktop, and copy it later to the cell phone.. will the bluetooth functions still work?

Another thing which isn't clear to me, is that you have to bind the bluetooth device to two COM ports. Does this mean you can use conventional code to write to the COM ports (without using Bluetooth APIs) and get the job done?

Do I have to know anything about AT commands?

I guess that I would probably have to write a second application for the remote desktop computer as well?
Some sort of "listening" application which would read the incoming data from the cell phone and then make Ms Powerpoint go to the next or previous slide.

Searching the net for "programming bluetooth applications" I came across:
- Franson Bluetools SDK (would this be useful?)
- Ms stack <-> Widcomm stack (which one to use?)
- 32feet.net SDK (InTheHand.Net) (would this be useful?)
- ActiveSync (do I need this?)
- HyperTerminal (do I need this?)
- http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/d...h_functions.asp
(are these the bluetooth API functions?)

I would highly appreciate it if anyone could give me some valid information on this matter. Point me in the right direction or some explanation or...