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Thread: VBScripting Tutorials

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    Does anybody know where I can find some good tutorials on vbscripting? Also a question for those who already know some about scripting have they disabled the print command to print test onto the form? I've tried to use print but it jsut doesnt work.

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    I'm not gonna give you my IP address! Ok... Portugal, South-Western Europe, 3rd rock from the sun (our star is easy to find, a 47 Ursae Majoris in the Milky Way :p )
    Well, I assume you're talking about Visual Basic tutorials. You'll find a lot at . There are also many other good sites (mainly user-made), but I can't remember right now.

    I'm using VB6, and the Print command only works like this:

    Form1.Print Text
    PictureBox1.Print Text

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