is looking for an Access/VB developer based in Melbourne, AUS.

The application is used in training and education. The project has outgrown Access, and therefore my skills, and since we are primarily a web design company, we are looking to outsource the development while continuing to manage the outcome.

The main stipulations are:
- You reside in Victoria, Australia, preferably Melbourne or Ballarat.
- You operate as, or on behalf of, a registered business.
- You have Access/VB certification or you can demonstrate these skills in previous work

Some of the features are:
- Some kinda complex queries
- A form that could do with some nicer 3rd-party controls (current treeview is crud)
- Windows 2000+ or Access 2000+
- Local installation only
- Distributed user based

The next steps are:
- moving to a registration-protected application (although the data/tables do not need to be protected)
- needs to be installable, with data backup and data restore,
- needs to be readily upgradable (the frontend that is)

- you will be able to quote the job in stages on seeing the current prototype.
- target release is Sept 06
- work from home with your own equipment. Well, you can work at our office but you'll need to park yourself at the kitchen bench
- you will need to sign-over your rights obviously, my client has lawyers for that sort of thing.

If you are interested, I invite you to simply provide your name, your location, a company link, a list of forums that you use, and a brief description of where you are at in your career. Please keep your ramble to under 100 words, text emails only, and I will not read resumes at this stage. I will research you, so you don't have to waste any words at all. At some stage I expect to see you in tie (just once I promise).

Email address
mcr AT urbits DOT com

Thanks and regards
Simon Hobbs