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    I have a component that uses MSCOMM
    What is strange is that in most PCs works fine, but the application in this particular PC doesn't allways work.
    It needs to rebbot the machine so the comm can work again, but in every 3 rebbots only works once...
    Is not the comm, I have changed port, is not the divice attached to the comm, I have changed them.
    I think is something to do with the power. The device uses comms power to work, but How can I test?
    Any other ideas?


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    Re: Mscomm

    Check the specs of the device (real RS-232 devices will work down to 5 volts, but many serial devices won't work well below 9 or 10 volts) and measure the actual voltage at the port with the device connected and operating. Your best bet is to either redisign the device to work at a lower voltage (and use a zener-resistor combination to protect it against a full +/- 12 volts) or power the device externally.

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