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Thread: VB System files

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    VB System files

    My deployment app is pretty much complete now, however i was wondering...

    I have all the basic vb system files in my install but what about extra ones i added to my project? Like the dlls for my ADO sql connection and dlls for my data environment and reports?

    Im assuming i do however that would mean adding alot more files and i dont want to be wasting time and space if they are unnecesary.


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    Re: VB System files

    you need to include any dependancy files your app may need to function properly...

    in the case of having an ADO connection to a SQL Server database, you would need to distribute and have your installer run MDAC on the target PC to ensure the Microsoft Data Access Components needed for a VB app to interact with a SQL server are installed... many PCs will already have mdac, but you can't just assume they will...

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