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Thread: Update Msflexgrid Contents

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    Update Msflexgrid Contents

    I'm using VB 6 & Sql sever 2000.

    My problem is that when a record is deleted, the flexgrid still shows the record that has been deleted.

    The delete button & the flexgrid are on the same form.
    (I'm using tabs:- delete takes place on 1 tab and the flexgrid can be viewed on another tab).

    The database is updated using an ADO connection.

    I've tried refreshing the contents of the flexgrid but it does not work.

    However, when the form loads the flexgrid is filled from the database & hence it gets updated.

    How can I solve this problem???

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    Re: Update Msflexgrid Contents

    refresh your recordset first then reload those data to your msflexgrid.
    On error goto Trap

    in case of emergency, drop the case...

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    just remove the row from the grid
    a=row number
    VB Code:
    1. Private Sub Command1_Click()
    2. VSFlexGrid1.Rows = VSFlexGrid1.Rows - 1
    3. End Sub
    5. Private Sub Command2_Click()
    6. VSFlexGrid1.RemoveItem (A)
    7. End Sub

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    Re: Update Msflexgrid Contents

    Make function to fill the grid and then call the function whenever u want to refresh it means after deletion call fill grid function again

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