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Thread: Stupid data-grid problem!

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    When i am editing the row for a grid(i.e. while entering values in the grid) i want to validate it. if i find value to be inapropriate i shall not accept it. hence give the user chance to enter valid data. can u explain this with sample piece of code? that would be helpful!!
    Also for a particular column how to fix its length
    i.e if column i want to set maxlength=6 character how to do it using data grid.
    ---thanks MIKEHOST

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    I'm not sure if I understand what you are asking here, but if you are wanting to make sure that the data in your datagrid is valid, you can validate that data just like you would any database field. You reference the recordset through the ADO control just like the Grid does.

    If adoDgrd.Recordset!Age < 18 then
    msgbox "Invalid DataGrid Age"

    There is also an OnAddNew method that come in handy for validating new records.


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