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Thread: webbrowser codding... !!

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    Exclamation webbrowser codding... !!

    can annyone send me a kind of tutorial how cna i build a webbrowser with 2005..?

    if annyone can help m would be cool..?

    im new on programming soo please do help me..? on elarning ..

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    Re: webbrowser codding... !!

    There isn't really any kind of tutorials for this kind of thing.

    You basically have two optons:

    Use the existing Web Browser control
    If you use this control, it'll do all the rendering for you. It uses the Internet Explorer rendering engine to display web pages. You would just basically build the interface (address bar, buttons, etc).

    Make your own Web Browser control
    If you use the built in control, you're using IE's rendering engine which is not standards compliant and the User Agent String would still show IE. If you made your own, you'd have ultimate control. The problem is you'd have to parse HTML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, and many other technologies and create a rendering engine all on your own to draw these elements. - My Personal Website with my blog and portfolio
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