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Thread: Please HELP with this Data Report question

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    First, is it possible for data from a form's text box be linked to a data report ... If so, how do I set up the data report where it is linked to the form??? Your help is GREATLY appreciated!


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    Perhaps this will help.
    DataReport.Sections("ReportHeader").Controls("lblName").Caption = "Kayoca"

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    As far as I know, the data report can only be linked to the data environment designer, which in turn, is linked to a database. Thus the fields that you can include on the report would need to be queried from a database.

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    But if you use labels on your datareport you can fill it up with your own data from
    your controls on your form. The only control what you cant fill with your own text from a object
    are the textfield from your datadesigner.

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