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Thread: how to shut down activex from main project

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    how to shut down activex from main project

    We have a very large VB6 application.
    To provide some extra features we have to create a few Activex exe.
    We call it from main menu of MDI Form.
    Activex, it's basically additional forms and the user has an ability to open a few forms at once.
    Let's say when the user opens one form the activex is running, but when he closes this form, the Activex is still running, I can't stop it, because I don't know if he still works on different form.
    The problem is, when the user close whole project my activex is still running.
    or if some error, the activex is still running.
    How can I shut down activex with the project or if some error occurs make sure acivex is not running.

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    Re: how to shut down activex from main project

    You have to make sure to _always_:

    VB Code:
    1. Set theActiveX_EXE_Object = Nothing.
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