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Thread: [RESOLVED] tag question

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    Resolved [RESOLVED] tag question

    hi all
    what is the use of tag in each controls in vb. dont much aware of it

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    Re: tag question

    You can use the Tag property for a wide, wide variety of things. Once of the things I use it most for is to include or exclude controls when looping through them.

    Lets say you have several textboxs that you use to add records to a database and after each add you need to clear out most of them, but not all of them, and you don't want to have to explicity state which textbox should be cleared and which shouldn't in your code. For this, you can use the Tag property of the textbox. In this case, I would put "clear" in those that I wanted to clear out, and then to
    VB Code:
    1. Dim ctrl As Control
    2. For Each ctrl In Me.Controls
    3.      If TypeOf ctrl Is TextBox Then
    4.         If ctrl.Tag = "clear" Then
    5.            ctrl.Text = vbNullString
    6.        End If
    7.      End If
    8. Next
    Now, it will only clear out those textboxes that have the word "clear" in tag property and leave the rest alone.

    Basically, the use of the Tag property is limited only by imgination.

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