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Thread: Add Menu Items to IE6

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    Add Menu Items to IE6

    I'm writing a small tool to help me manage my forums. The functionality I need is that when I right click into a textbox (the message textbox in my forums), I want to be able to choose a list of items that will automatically paste text into the textbox (based on the menu item).

    I keep a dataset of menu captions and links to paste.

    For example, we often have to paste links to specific FAQs. It would be nice to right click on the reply message textbox and choose which link to paste in.

    Does anybody know where I can look to figure out how to do this?
    Brandon S Davids

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    Re: Add Menu Items to IE6

    I asked a similar question recently:
    Visual Studio 2005 Professional Edition (.NET Framework 2.0)
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