Original Link: http://www.higherknowledge.ca/career...opic.php?t=116

HigherKnowledge.ca is looking for an invite script that can access the address books in Yahoo, Hotmail, and GMail.You may use an existing script you have or create it from scratch. We will take the basic script as is, or please modify it show which email address are already registered in the phpbb database. For the ones that are not already registered, the user can select the which ones they would like to send invites to.

I know the scripts are available for purchase online for about $30 each, so we are looking to pay up to $200 CND for a well documented script with all the aboved mentioned features. As a non-money making organization, the less the charge, the better.

Reply to me via PM here with what you can offer me and how much it will cost.